Tiga-Mures / by Kellyn Bowler

I love how change is so inevitable. It's also something I hate sometimes... but ultimately change is the only way to growth. It's so daunting but exciting all at the same time. I am in a eternal state of change and so is the world. Change is the only true constant. 

Last year I got an opportunity that completely altered my perceptions. After months of team meetings and a lot of prayer, 12 of us went on a two week mission trip to Romania. Honestly not somewhere I was planning to go, but the unexpected opportunities often bring the greatest things.

We took each day as it came, and without much provoking we were led to more and more opportunities. I met people from all walks of life, living in situations I could never imagine. I met people who slept on dirt floors and had nothing to call their own. I don't think I really knew what having nothing really meant. It made me feel like the smallest person in the world. You know about these situations and you hear of the countless people that live in them but until you experience it you never really know. I have several faces forever engraved in my mind. It completely grounded my heart. 

My team. They carried me closer to Christ. Eight of our team stayed with a Pastor and his family and we were so loved by them. Their new church had a faith and connection with us that brought each of us on the team to a new level in faith.   

My whole experience sparked a new perspective in my life. We can learn and know anything, but until we experience it, we remain the same.