Sketchbook Archives // 1 / by Kellyn Bowler

Clearing up old dusty books and files reminds me that a lot has happened between now and then, even when it feels like it was only yesterday that I painted those pages or snapped that picture, found my closest friends or moved away from home. Finding old gems take you back to worlds that once were and show you how far you've come. I hope to upload an ongoing series of posts giving little insights to my sketchbooks which are my process in my work and life. 

I have journaled all through school but only started filling personal sketchbooks to the brim with drawings and paintings in university. They are messy and if you looked through them, you can usually find my grocery list or a song lyric along with a sketch. They're my life books, just filled with thoughts and the beginnings of ideas. I will forever be the one to pair my macbook with real pen and paper. I'm a paper hoarder and will always want to bring ideas to some sort of physicality, out of my head and onto a page that I can hold. Under my bed are boxes filled with books, journals, old photos and cards, magazines and scraps of paper that I just can't let go of- the physical foundations of new worlds of that are right now just ideas with potential.