That on most days we reach for a cup of joe is a simple joy. Coffee is one of many crafts with a social scene, yet one of peculiarities. We gather over java to lean our ears to the grapevine, sip as fuel so that we can bring home the bacon or break the ice as we start a head over heels, once in a blue moon kind of love. 

The heart of Northern Ireland is central to a culture of storytelling and gathering. Smiles, quirks and wit are all magic moons to the planets which are the coffee cups on our tables. 

Idiom is a publication, a visual journal about the essence of why we gather over coffee- a nod to the joy of the craft, culture, company, conversation, and even the commute. All units come together to make a whole.





Limited Edition Roasts:

Idiom is passionate about creativity, conversations and bringing people together, so we did just that. We put the heads of roasters across Northern Ireland and Ireland together to create these limited edition roasts all for the love of a good cup of joe.