This project is from the 2016 International Society of Typographic Designers set of student briefs. The title of this brief is a quote from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the ‘undiscovered country’ being a metaphorical reference to death. In his famous oration, Hamlet questions our fear of death and states how that fear, ‘...does make cowards of us all.’  The prose featured in a visual poetry publication, printed on tracing paper to address metaphors of light, is an extract from W.B. Yeats’, The Tower- a book of poems published in 1928.  The Tower was Yeats’s first major collection after receiving the Nobel Prize in 1923.  

The extract refers to Yeats’ declaration that an individual’s mind and choices will in itself create their life and consequently their death.  These lines are Yeats’ personal denial of the disconuity of life, a display of how his imagination allows him to escape the reality of his end but is also his realisation of how life and death are not one without the other.